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Professionalism, strong expertise, and our ability to solve any problems characterize us. That´s SIRIUS!


Closeness to the customer is important to us. Our focus is on the human factor during our consultation, whether it be in the final analysis or in the day-to-day cooperation.

Our Mission

Working Relationship based on Partnership and Efficient Achievement of Objectives.

SIRIUS places the customers and their needs at the centre.
Our services make up a unit from consulting and implementation.
We are honest, goal-oriented, motivated, and experienced.
We love what we do and have one thing in particular on our minds: Your success.



Executive Board

Michael Kern
Chris Kohlsdorf

Personal contact to our customers is very important to us.
Because only in this way are we able to understand their requirements
and identify areas for action for ourselves and our employees.
Thus, this is the basis for our ever evolving services and ultimately our entrepreneurial success.

Supervisory Board

Jürgen Kohlsdorf
Management Consultant
Rolf C. Landgraf
Frank Lindenmeier
Tax Consultant

To "supervise" a company which knows its craft and on the other
hand lives by the principles of service and customer orientation,
is both vocation and joy equally.

Company Video

Our objective: To find the perfect solution to your challenge.

No matter how dense the forest we need to navigate.
Or how tall the mountain we want to scale together.
We work collaboratively, transparently and hand in hand with our clients.
That’s how we achieve our common goal in every one of our projects—whether
you need advice on IT management, on processes in IT service management
or on maintenance procedures for your industrial facilities.
We are there for you. We are SIRIUS.


Facts & Figures

Professionalism and Strong Profitability

As one of the leading consulting companies in the field of IT Strategy, IT Service Management and Maintenance, our flag displays our attributes with flying colours. Only if we are economically successful, can we achieve the professionalism and further development, that our clients expect from us.

Status: Business year 2017

Our Model

Our Principles

The basis of our success is a partnership-based working relationship with our customers. In this way, we are able to generate a high profitability in order to remain attractive for shareholders and provide security to lenders. We are proud of our employees and meet our obligations to customers, suppliers, the environment and society. We know our capabilities, but also our limits and promise nothing that we can not fulfill. Our behaviour towards our partners is based on partnership, fairness, accuracy, openness and transparency.


Social engagement

The World is One Whole

We want to help shape a world in which children suffer no poverty and can develop and mature healthily and freely. Regardless of origin, religion, and political conditions. The visions of the children´s charity plan International Germany e.V. has convinced us of being a worthy cause. Here you can see three of our sponsored children from Haiti, Kenya and Guinea Bissau.





Did you know?                       

SIRIUS is the brightest star and main star in the constellation
of the "Great Dog" (Canis Major).The luminosity of the SIRIUS
star is 20 times as bright as the sun, and its mass is twice as
large as the Sun. SIRIUS is considered the brightest star in the sky

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